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If you haven’t already arranged your finance, you will need to talk to your bank manager or accountant. For South Peak Homes to tailor a package that meets your needs we will have to truly understand your budget. Dreams and hard work can easily be stamped out by not having pre-arranged finance and not understanding the true cost of building.

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During the first consultation process our New Home Consultant will assist you in choosing a base plan that works for you and discuss the location in mind. With this we will put together a letter of offer which includes an estimate for the construction of the house, site works and delivery of your home. House renders and plans will also be provided to help your finance provider ascertain the lending required. Your finance provider may require you to attain an as built valuation which they will work with you to procure. Whether you are gaining finance through a lender or you are self-financing South Peak Homes will require a letter at the contract stage from your bank or accountant stating you have the funds available.

If you are having trouble gaining finance or would like further assistance? No problem, we can put you in touch with the right finance experts that will make it easy for you and you can relax knowing we provide this service completely FREE.

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When you know what it costs and are ready to take the next step, the Home Starter Pack deposit of $5000 including GST is required, for us to prepare detailed concept drawings. This fee is deductible from the total contract price of your new home.

We’ll visit your site to take levels, obtain an engineers report and you’ll receive a site plan, floor plan, elevations, kitchen plan and electrical plan, detailed pricing and full specifications for your project.  Importantly, your name is penciled into our building schedule and your place in the queue is secured. At this stage we’ll also identify any possible site challenges and will advise you accordingly.  We encourage you to review the concept plans and price carefully and take time to consider whether any further changes are needed.  Our quote will remain valid for 30 working days.

It may take a meeting or two with our new Home Consultant to arrive at a home that comprehensively meets your requirements. You will also choose colours and finishing touches, to make your home as individual as you are. You’ll have opportunity to a maximum of three versions of concept plans before incurring any additional design cost. Additional design changes over and above this allowance will incur a fee of $300 per version. Once you are 100% happy that we have arrived at the design of your dreams, you can then move on with confidence to the contract stage.

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Your decision to proceed with construction is now legally formalised. Both parties must sign the contract agreement which outlines the responsibilities of each party and also includes the payment terms, completion date and the final specification schedule. You will need your finance confirmed before signing the contract agreement and we can help you with this if you wish by speaking to your mortgage broker or banker on your behalf.  It is important to understand that there is no provision to make any design changes after the contract has been signed.

Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, the full working drawings will be finalised and submitted to council to issue the building consent. Once the consent has been issued your home will then move on to the construction phase.

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It all happens quickly from here & your new transportable home comes to life! Construction is now underway in our purpose built factory and we’ll be in regular contact throughout the build process with updates & photos to keep you informed.

During the build process you will be invited to visit the factory to see your home under construction. For health & safety reasons, visits to our factory must be arranged with the New Home Consultant at the following stages;

  • Frame & truss completion
  • Gib, plastered & ready for decoration
  • Ready for transport
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Once your new home is completed, it will be carefully transported on a truck to your section, by a professional house moving company & sited on its structural foundations. We have insurance cover for this transport process for your peace of mind.

Not sure how to get a house on your favourite section? We can help you work out the best access way, the right house position and arrange the site prep.

After your home is sited in place & attached to the piles, any further works including decks, steps, garages, landscaping and utility connections will be completed and Code Compliance Certificate can then be obtained.

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Your new home will be professionally cleaned inside & out and our New Home Consultant will do a final inspection to ensure perfect presentation. We will personally hand over your keys and welcome you to your new home.

What a moment! Its time for you to live the dream & enjoy the benefits of a high quality South Peak Home. We’ll keep in touch over the following months to ensure your new living experience is as great as possible. Remember you’re covered by a 12 month maintenance & defect free guarantee and a 10 year structural building warranty.

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5% Payment Claim 1.
Deposit, payable on signing the contract.
The Home Starter Pack payments made are deducted from this claim.

25% Payment Claim 2.
Payable once consent is obtained & prior to commencement of construction.
Your new home is now ready for the factory construction phase to begin.

40% Payment Claim 3.
Payable at lock-up stage.
Your home is completed to lock-up stage in our factory.

20% Payment Claim 4.
Payable before leaving the factory.
Your home is finished in our factory and ready for delivery.
All interior/exterior painting, bathrooms & kitchen have been completed.

10% Payment Claim 5.
Payable on practical completion.
All works have been completed and you’re ready to take possession of your new South Peak Home.

Please note that the stages above are our standard contract payment stages. If these stages do not suit the conditions of your lender or your financial situation, don’t let this put you off. In many instances we are able to offer an alternative package to cater for your needs and if necessary we can finance your new home until it arrives on your site. Conditions do apply.

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